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Here, we provide you with various

opportunities from world wide known brand names, and ensure you to select the most suitable

product for your boat. There are two furling systems available for a boat owner who sometimes joins the race but generally uses his/her boat for cruising. The first one is a furling system of which drum can be uninstalled whenever desired, and used as a sail channel as its profile stays on the forestay.

The other one is of which drum is very close to deck. Therefore,you may have a pleasant sailing with high performance for both racing and cruising. New

installations are performed on your boat through the determination of necessary wires, turnbuckles and fasteners for the desired installation by our experienced riggers. Work of the system is tested together with the owner of boat and delivered in full.

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Gennakers and Code Zero sails  are easy to handle with using furlers. The system offers many advantages to adjust your sail. 

This is also convenient for quickly clearing the foredeck Or you can keep your sail rigged along the course. Furlers can be equipped with snap shackles for  hoisting up your sail easily .

We assist you in selection of proper furling systems by firstly determining the purpose of use which is of great importance in the material selection.


Silver Marine provides solutions for easy handling of a fully-battened mainsail sytem.

- Quick, smooth raising and lowering of the mainsail.

- High performance

- Low friction 

- Maximum luff tension

- Handle the increased loads

- Suits any kind of mast.
With Out Mast Furler you can furl and unfurl your main sail without heading to wind. Electric and hydraulic mainsail furlers are custom produced upon order.
  Main Sail Car & Track Systems   
  Roller Main Sail Systems
  Roller Main Sail Systems