Reliable brands for your safety
Durability of rigging in sailing boats is of great importance. Any breakage or failure that may occur on especially standing rigging (mast, wires, and terminals) may cause an accident by leading the mast to fall down. Life of standing rigging wires change depending on the environment and air conditions of the place where sailing and the duration of sailing. Chain plates are exposed to all stress, due to equipment fatigue and decrease of flexibility coefficient of wires by years, which creates a threat for the rigging in case of wind gusts. The time period recognized all over the world is to replace complete wire in standing rigging for every 10-12 year periods. Currently some insurance companies require the 10 year period as an obligation.
Brand of Swaging machine that we use in wire replacement is Wire Teknik which is registered. This machine which is the best swaging machine in the world may swage all wires from 4mm diameters to 16 mm diameters.
We supply our turnbuckles and terminals which are of high quality and durable from Hi-Mod. We always have wire with diameter from 4mm to 16 mm in our stocks.
We are quite selective in terms of wires. We import the wires from Tecklenborg-Kegel, Germany, which we believe the quality. The most important thing that makes us prefer Tecklenborg-Kegel is 316 quality certificate which is delivered with every reel.
Wire - Rod - Dyform - PBO - Kevlar


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Rig tuning for higher performance and sailing safety;

The standing rig, a harmonical mix of masts, booms, rigging and a wide range of equipment. Clearly the Standing Rig is a substantial and crucial piece of your yacht. Tuning for the higher performance, reliability and sailing safety requires experience and wise solutions.
Silver Marine Rigging Specialists are ready to share their knowledge and experience with sailors.

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Alternative Solutions from Selected Brands

We assist you in selection of proper material by evaluating the model and rigging properties of your boat. We provide you opportunities among the materials of high quality, manufactured by world wide known and leading companies of the sector, of which we are the distributor and dealer in Turkey.


By combining our experiences with correct brands, we produce wise solutions for your boat….


In order you to have a safe trip on your boat, we provide you with periodical maintenance, and material changes required for Rigging, in compliance with the standards set forth the boat manufacturers.


Best way to add a loop in the end of a line is a splice. Those can be, a halyard, sheet, or control line.
The advantages of a splice over a knot are primarily a cleaner appearance, a higher working load, it is less susceptible to snagging on other rigging, and it is more permanent.
  Sheets & Control Lines  
  Mooring Lines  
Alternative materials that suits for your boat
  • Zylon HM PBO
  • Vectran
  • Dyneema SK99
  • Dyneema SK78
  • Dyneema SK75
  • Pre Stretched Polyester


Hydraulic systems offer precise control and a significant sailing advantage for racers and cruisers.


Silver Marine provides a complete service for the maintenance, repair and replacement of marine hydraulic systems with original spare parts.

  • Hydraulic Panels, 

  • Furling Units 

  • Integral Backstay  Adjuster

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Hydraulic Vangs

  • Winches


Our technicians have  know how and experience in furling systems and winches. we can supply all brands spare parts for you.
Alternative materials that suits for your boat
  • Dyneema SK99
  • Dyneema SK78
  • Dyneema SK75
  • Pre Stretched Polyester
  • Polyester
  • 3 / 8 / 12  Strand Nylon
  • 3 / 8 / 12  Strand Polyester
  • 3 / 8 / 12  Strand Polypropylene Multifilament
  Splice Works   
Rig tuning for higher performance and sailing safety
Silver Marine Rigging Specialists will give a full assessment of the mast, rigging(dytest), chain plates, deck hardware and related fittings.
A full report itemizing any problematic element and important points to repair and refit. After rigging investigation Silver Marine gives you a report that you can show to your insurance agency